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We, at REPLIKON Academy, offer supportive and inspirational environments for aspiring students . The way students respond in the class resembles our passion for teaching . We strive hard to deliver an education that is truly relevant to their future. Also, we believe in the fact that our true success lies in making enthusiastic average student to an outstanding one in academics.    

We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

Courses offered:

The REPLIKON Academy aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that stimulates them to achieve their GOALS. 

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IIT-JEE Long term

First batch starts in the third week of JUNE 2023.


NEET Long term

First batch starts in the second week of JUNE 2023.

Foundation course

Classes start from the second week of June for the 6th to 10th standard students.

IIT-JEE Short term

First batch starts in the month of November 2023.

NEET Short term

First batch starts in the month of November 2023.

EAPCET/TS & NEET Crash course

Separate batches starts for EAPCET/TS and NEET, in the last week of March 2024.

Asha Devi. T

Biology is the core subject in the neet exam preparation. RK sir's conceptual way of teaching things has helped me to understand the subject better and crack the examination. Sir's support and encouragement besides teaching has helped me to stay motivated during the tough times.

Guntur Medical College
3rd year MBBS

Akhila. A

Any subject is interesting based on the teaching and in REPLICON teacher like RK sir makes the subject interesting. He makes the hardest topic way more easier and much more deeper. So that we could actually understand the subject and get the essence of the subject.

Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences
3rd Year MBBS


As foundation is important to any building to reach heights we got that foundation in biology subject by our beloved RK sir and for us it became very easier to understand the concepts in under graduate (MBBS) than others did.

GSL Medical College
2nd Year MBBS

Dr.B.Tharun Kumar

The Strongest BONE of the entire human body is FEMUR The Smartest organ of a human being is BRAIN The Simplest part of NEET to score marks easily is in BIOLOGY;  The Strongest person to teach biology in the Simplest and Smartest way is our Ramakrishna(RK) sir... REPLY your hardwork through 'R'epli'K'on under RK sir. Choose Wisely. Shine Brightly.

GEMS & Hospital, Srikakulam
House Surgeon


RK sir’s lectures really helped me understand the subject better and very useful for the fact that I really used to catch the things faster during my under graduation (MBBS First year) especially Biochemistry & Biotechnology.

Agri. B.Sc., (Hons) Final year


The special way of Sir’s teaching makes, us learn and memorize the concept from the basics. The knowledge we gain from sir boosts our confidence in cracking NEET. Biology for today biology forever

Dr. NRS Govt. Ayurvedic College
BAMS 3rd year

Neelima Boddana

Biology is not just a subject, it is about life. Dr. Rama Krishna sir made us easy to understand the concepts very keenly without any difficulty. Also his teachings helped us even during our UG courses a lot. More he used to be our therapist during our ups and downs, which are most common for a ASPIRANT going to clear a competitive exam. I hope REPLIKON provides you a stress free, pleasant environment for learning about the life.

GITAM Dental college & Hospital
3rd Year BDS

B.Priya Vandana

The strength of a tree lies in its roots; likewise, the knowledge of the student is based on basics of the subject about which you don't have to worry if Ramakrishna sir teaches you. I myself experienced the showers of his science.

NTR College of Verterinary Science

R.Sai Mounika

Never fail to learn new things. This is what Rama Krishna sir has taught us. His passion for teaching help us to learn even a complicated things in a simple way. So, join REPLICON and experience the beauty of biology.

NTR College of Verterinary Sciences


RK sir’s way of teaching biology is very interesting so that we could easily understand the concepts and will be retained in our memory for a long time. The core concepts taught by Sir formed strong base for most of the topics taught in MBBS, which are very important.

GEMS & Hospital , Srikakulam
3 year MBBS


For neet aspirants, Biology is the core subject. For strengthening of core subject, right from the basic concepts to the in depth of the topics taught by RK Sir helped a lot not only to crack the entrance exams but also in the Under graduation as well. Why to choose the rest when we have the best. Just go for REPLICON.

College of veterinary sciences, Proddutur
4th Year BVSC & AH


BIOLOGY is a perfect subject for gaining good NEET Results. One can achieve their success by following the basics to depth of the lectures given by RK sir.

Centurion University, Odisha
B.Sc. Agricu.


Equal to subject we learned how to be strong and cheerful in every situation from RK sir the subject he gave us is never forgettable. Rather than struggling to remembering the subject we enjoyed and still enjoying the subject learnt from him.

Centurion University, Odisha
Forensic Science 3rd year


A subject is easy or difficult depends on the teacher. Dr. Ramakrishna sir really made biology seem so simple and easy to us. To experience the stress free education-Join Replikon.

Govt. Dental College, Hyderabad
3rd year BDS


RK Sir classes are very helpful as he discuss questions, mostly tricky ones and the ones, which require a lot of thinking. They help in creating a stronger base and opens you up to different formats of questions.

Agriculture College, Bapatla
2nd Year B.Sc. Agric.

B.Sai Sonalica

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary” Just choose REPLICON and shine in your medical career with understanding the concept of biology through Rama Krishna sir.

Maharaja Institute of Homeopathic Sciences
BHMS 3rd year

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REPLIKON is established on 31st March 2023, the birth anniversary of Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi. The primary reason behind the formation of this academy is to impart QUALITY EDUCATION for all. We are three brains with single ideology and purpose laid foundation to change the  lives of aspiring students. 

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